Sunfire (Shiro Yoshida) is the 13th X-men member created by writer Roy Thomas and artist Don Heck Sunfire first appeared in X-men #64 January 1970 and is a Japanese X-men. Sunfire is an impatient and arrogant member that was in the X-men only for a short time before his dislike of team-work got the best of him he then went to the X-corporation. Before Sunfire left the X-men he had a bad encounter with lady deathstrike he was badly injured, his legs were cut off and to help Rogue's chances of beating lady deathstrike blindspot pushed rouge into sunfire and she absorbed his powers and almost killed him which Sunfire asked rouge to kill him, she refused. Sunfire got his limbs back by making a deal with apocalypse he would get his limbs back if he bacame one of apocalypse's horseman he became the horseman of famine. He tried to escape after he hears the tortured screams of  Gazer the horseman of war he was recaptured and after causing near starvation on the X-mansions campus havok shot him down and Rogue caught him. He ran away with the unconcscious body of gambit who was turned into the horseman of death they were turned back by Mr. sinister.

Powers and abilities Edit

Sunfire can shoot heated plasma blasts out his hands and is capable of flight. He can also see anything infra red and is immune to radiation as a horseman of apocalypse he gained the extra power of being able to make a hunger-enducing light.