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Banshee (Sean Cassidy) is the 16th member of the X-men created by writer Roy Thomas and artist first appeared in X-men #28 January 1967. Banshee is from Ireland so in the comics he has the irish accent which is also where his name comes from a banshee is an irish cryptid that if you here the extremely loud sound it makes reportedly you die but the banshee is supposed to be a female the creators over-looked that. After being in the X-men for awhile Banshee dies after he is hit by a plane his daughter Siryn was just a baby when he died and Black Tom Cassidy kills her mother and never tells her that her father is dead after awhile Cyclops does not realize she doesn't know and tells her she refuses to believe him but accepts that her father is dead after Wolverine and Nightcrawler tell her they found his lifeless body on the ground.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Banshee has extremely powerfull lungs, trachea, and vocal chords giving him a super-sonic scream that can do much damage banshee also has super human hearing and flight which is how he got hit by a plane.